The Most Advanced Blind Cleaning In South East Brisbane



We take your blinds away to ultrasonically clean them until they are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised. Once dry they are returned, normally same day and installed back on your windows.

Your blinds are placed in a purpose built, stainless steel cleaning tank with an environmentally safe cleaning solution.

The advanced ultrasonic blind cleaning process uses high power sound energy to create millions of microscopic bubbles that travel at high speed and implode when they come into contact with the blinds. This process known as cavitations is extremely gentle and safe lifting every trace of dirt, grime nicotine and mould. As the bubbles are microscopic they penetrate into accessible places in the head rail mechanism and between the fibres in the cords, ladders and tapes leaving your blinds spotless and sterilized. Making your home a safer, cleaner place to live.

Ultrasonic blind cleaning is more efficient, faster and less expensive than conventional, labour intensive methods and will not scratch or pit your blinds.

Brisbane's advanced Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning is very AFFORDABLE.


We are window cleaning specialists who take immense pride in what we do. We clean windows inside and out leaving them streak free and sparkling. We clean tracks and screens as part of our SERVICE.


Our small but important contribution to reduce our carbon footprint is by only using biodegradable, green cleaning products that will not harm our fragile enviroment and with ultrasonic cleaning we are able to minimise the water used.

Our Commitment To Great Service

We take immense pride in what we do. You can be sure that each job will be carried out to the highest standards. For reliable, efficient and AFFORDABLE domestic and commercial Window and Blind cleaning in the Redlands, Logan and all suburbs of South East Brisbane we are the people for the job.

A blind cleaning expert in South East Brisbane